Ronda Benedict - Township Treasurer


Ronda Benedict - Township Treasurer
Cindy Foster - Deputy Treasurer               

Winter Taxes will be available December 1. 
  They will be due Feb. 14,2024 but accepted as on time until 5 pm on Thursday February 15 
  Treasurer's office will be open Thursday February 15, until 5 pm to accept Taxes.
  3% Penalty added after 5 pm February 15th.

Please include a current phone number with your payment.  This information will only be used in case of a problem with your payment. It will not be used to gather personal data or added to a database. When close to the due date, the postal service is not an efficient means of communication.

 You will be able to make Online payments for 2023 Taxes, until 11:59pm Monday, February 26, 2024

  Please see the back of your tax bill for other important information. 

Search Assessing and Tax Information On-line!

Accepted Means of Payment: NO CASH
Money Order
Cashier’s Check
Bank Bill Pay
Online CC/Debit
Online ECheck

 Click here for the 2023 Millage Rates