Planning & Zoning

The Supervisor is the Zoning Administrator. 

Township ordinances are intended to ensure properties are maintained for the health and safety of the community,
as well as to preserve the beauty and value of Township properties.
To report possible Ordinance Violations, contact Marc Larabel, Ordinance Enforcement Officer, during regular business hours.


01-2022 Regulate Public Water when there is Inadequate Supply
02-2022 Regulating Outdoor Events 
03-2022Z Shared Driveways (Zoning Ord)
04-2022Z Delete Section 4.22 Outdoor Events (Zoning Ord)
05-2022Z Rezone 11969 60th St (Map) (Zoning Ord)
06-2022Z Wall Signs (Zoning Ord)
07-2022Z Solar Energy Systems (Zoning Ord)
08-2022 Signs on Township Property
09-2022Z Campground Amendments (Zoning Ord)
10-2022Z Stormwater OS-PUD (Zoning Ord).


The entire Lowell Township Zoning Ordinance may be viewed in text format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view on-line.


Planning & Zoning

If you would like to apply to have a project considered by the Township Planning Commission, use the appropriate information below:

Zoning Board of Appeals

The Planning Commission

The basic function of the planning commission is to make and adopt a plan for the township's land use development, called the Master Plan. The planning commission is the agency by which the Township regulates and controls the development and use of property to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. The planning commission may provide reasonable restrictions on land use to assure conformity to the Master Plan. The planning commission may issue Special Use Permits according to the standards in the Zoning Ordinance for such uses. The planning commission may recommend zoning changes to the Township Board for approval. Planning Commission members are volunteers who are appointed by the Township Supervisor with Board approval for 3 year terms. One member of the Planning Commission must be a Township Board representative.

The Planning Commission meets monthly, and often twice monthly. All meetings are open to the public. PLANNING COMMISSION MEETS ON THE SECOND MONDAY - IF A HOLIDAY FALLS ON THAT MONDAY IT IS HELD ON TUESDAY. MEETINGS BEGIN AT 7:00 p.m.

The Zoning Board of Appeals

The ZBA must hear and decide appeals on decisions by the Planning Commission or other administrative official regarding zoning issues. The ZBA may grant certain variances according to the law of the State of Michigan. ZBA decisions are final, but may be appealed to the circuit court under specific circumstances. The ZBA meets once a year or more often if needed. All meetings are open to the public.